How do I choose an addiction treatment center in Minnesota that’s right for me?

There are multiple clinics that provide addiction treatment and rehab in Minnesota.  Successfully beating addiction often depends on finding the right environment for you or a loved one. When choosing a facility for treatment or rehab, consider these factors:

Inpatient or outpatient treatment?

Addiction treatment is an important commitment that involves examining your life, your choices and the influences for good and bad that you confront.  Treatment sessions can be moving, liberating and exhaustive.  Some people require inpatient treatment in order to separate themselves from their influences and routines so that they can focus exclusively on recovery.  For others intensive outpatient treatment is a more reasonable and equally effective solution.  Intensive outpatient treatment allows you to maintain their home environment, work and life responsibilities while building impactful and transformative therapy conveniently into your daily or weekly schedule.

A treatment schedule that fits for you

Inpatient or outpatient, intensive addiction treatment requires a schedule of several hours per week to effectively confront influences and habits that have accumulated over years.  If you enroll in outpatient treatment, you should be able to findtreatmentin your area that will allow you to stick with the process and schedule, with your choice of daytime, evening or weekends hours.  For example, at Club Recovery we offer groups that meet during weekday daytime hours, during weekday evening sessions or exclusively on Saturdays to fit your schedule.

Convenient location

Consistent attendance at treatment sessions is fundamental for success.  Make sure that the addiction treatment center you choose is easily reached by car or public transportation.  Public transportation options are especially important if you have lost your driving privileges.  Club Recovery is located across from the Southdale Shopping Center and convenient to bus lines. We are situated in an office building with ample parking, easily accessed and close to Highway 62.

Comfortable, supportive environment

Intensive outpatient treatment is a demanding and transformative experience.  It is important that you feelsafe and well supported through the process.  Choose a treatment center where you sense that the staff is highly qualified, experienced and professional as well as empathetic and supportive.In addition, a treatment center like ours that is small enough to allow for you to develop close relationships with the staff provides a familiarity and intimacy that many clients find reassuring.

Consider also that the clinic’s location or demographic orientation will influence the client base at that center.  It is reasonable for you to seek a center for group therapy where you feel that your fellow group members will be supportive and help make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Minnesota addiction treatment and rehab

We are lucky to live in Minnesota for several reasons.  People who seek addiction treatment and rehab in Minnesota are also fortunate because the State has been a leader in developing successful treatment methods.  If you seek addiction treatment in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, there are enough options to enable you to find the center best fit for you.