Alcohol abuse & addiction treatment

Stop drinking, recover and re-create the life you want

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction create separation, destroy trust and create pain for the individual as well as for friends and family. You are not alone if you are looking for help.

Alcoholism is identified as a disease by the American Medical Association because it’s chronic, progressive and predictable.

Alcohol abuse often begins simply with social drinking. When drinking first becomes a problem there may be minor consequences that are not unusual for social drinkers. However, when you suffer from alcohol abuse, drinking can go along with feelings of being different or disassociation. You may only want to take an occasional drink, but find it difficult to stop. Problem drinking adds to feelings of loneliness and emptiness.

Without treatment the occasional loss of control in emotion or behavior due to alcohol abuse eventually creates more consequences. You are feeling shame and guilt about your choices made during out of control drinking, such as not remembering what you did last night, or drinking and driving.

You have been saying you can stop drinking at anytime. Now with alcohol abuse treatment and rehabilitation you will be able to stop.

Simply trying to avoid alcohol is not enough. If you are having negative consequences due to alcohol abuse, you need to stop the cycle that promotes drinking.

The purpose of our alcohol abuse treatment is to examine alcohol’s effect on your family, home, career, education and life, so you can stop your alcohol use problems and resume or recreate the life you want.

Treating Alcohol Addiction

Today there is a solution to problem drinking.

Let Club Recovery help you to get to the root of the issue and move your life in a new, positive direction.

At Club Recovery our trained and professional counselors have helped thousands of residents of the Minneapolis & St Paul area fight their alcohol addictions. Alcohol abuse is treated at our facilities through a combination of one on one counseling and supportive group therapy. We do not provide detox. However our intensive program can often follow detox. We provide therapy in an outpatient treatment setting. Individuals come to our facility multiple times per week for therapy but are free to go home after therapy to their normal work and lives. Treatment sessions may occur during the day or during non-working hours (evenings and Saturdays) to minimize disruption in the client’s life.

All you need is the desire to change. As you start treatment, Club Recovery’s respectful staff will be mindful of what is important to you. We welcome family or significant others to be involved in your alcohol abuse treatment and addiction recovery if you so choose. Club Recovery provides professional treatment with a focus on a positive lifestyle.

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