What do I Need to Know Before Entering a Minnesota Addiction Treatment Center? (Rehab Report Pt. IV)

(This blog post is Part IV of an ongoing series on demystifying drug and alcohol treatment – popularly known as “rehab”) For the fourth installment of the Rehab Report, we at Club Recovery, LLC (a Minnesota based addiction treatment center) will address the differences in levels of care for the treatment of substance use disorders…. Read more »

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in Minnesota

When people think about drug addiction treatment, they usually assume it’s related to the use of illegal drugs. However, use of prescription drugs is increasingly resulting in abuse and addiction. In fact, prescription drugs are more commonly abused than cocaine, meth, and heroin, and it’s a concern for people of all ages; even teenagers misuse prescription… Read more »

Treating Clients with Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues

Family members and friends of people who are having issues with drugs and alcohol may wonder how their loved one ever went down the road to a substance use disorder. Often, people “self-medicate” with alcohol and drugs to alleviate the pain of emotional trauma, depression or other psychological disorders. In the end, substance abuse can… Read more »

Alcohol Addiction – How Casual Use Can Turn into a Problem

Consuming alcohol in and of itself isn’t necessarily a risky behavior, but over time, sustained alcohol use can become a problem. Has Alcohol Use Become an Issue? Here are a few simple questions to ask: Have you ever thought about or tried to cut down on your drinking? Have others in your life expressed their… Read more »