Alcohol Addiction – How Casual Use Can Turn into a Problem

Consuming alcohol in and of itself isn’t necessarily a risky behavior, but over time, sustained alcohol use can become a problem. Has Alcohol Use Become an Issue? Here are a few simple questions to ask: Have you ever thought about or tried to cut down on your drinking? Have others in your life expressed their… Read more »

Resilience – The Process of Adapting Positively To Adversity

Whether trying to bounce back from a tough day at work or experiencing a tragic life event like the loss of a loved one, most people would agree that resilience when dealing with challenges is a good thing. So how does resilience occur? Can we improve our ability to be resilient? What makes a person… Read more »

10 Signs You Need Minnesota Gambling Addiction Treatment

A gambling addiction is extremely difficult for a person to overcome without the help of a trained addiction specialist. Failure to seek timely professional treatment can result in the loss of employment and housing, and can severely affect relationships with loved ones. Below are ten signs that you may need gambling addiction treatment. 1) Gambling… Read more »

Assessments for Substance Use Issues and Addiction in Minnesota

It’s clear, the statistics related to addiction and substance use disorders are alarming. Every year substance abuse costs the Minnesota economy $5.06 billion. This amounts to more than $975 a year for every person in the state. There are at least 1,150 alcohol-attributed deaths in Minnesota in a typical year. Estimates are that ten percent… Read more »