Knowing the Best Drug Rehabilitation Options for You in Minnesota

The process of rehabilitation from an addiction is different for everyone. What you need depends on a range of variables, from your physiology to your personal beliefs. Because of this, finding the right methods and supportive community is vital to recovering successfully. There are dozens of treatment centers available in Minnesota, so how do you… Read more »

Minnesota Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Substance abuse is a complex social malady that covers dysfunction over the entire range of social life. It requires a continuum of service and support including healthcare, employment, housing, education, primary healthcare and behavioral healthcare. The effort to make progress toward significantly reducing substance abuse involves building capacity in all those areas. Needed Reform: According… Read more »

New Relapse Prevention Program track starts at Club Recovery in August!

Beginning in mid-August Club Recovery will be starting a stand-alone Relapse Prevention Program! This program is intended for individuals who have had prior treatment, a return to use, and are hoping to receive additional support in maintaining sobriety. The program will run twelve weeks and will be hosted at Club Recovery on Tuesdays and Thursdays… Read more »

Minnesota Outpatient Drug Treatment: Supporting Addicts and Families

Does someone you love or care about in Minneapolis or the surrounding area struggle with the ugly and often misunderstood disease of addiction? There is incredibly good news and hope for you, and for the one suffering. Recovery isn’t a dream, it is real and it happens every single day. Visit any 12 step room… Read more »