Facts About Craving

Craving – The desire for more of a substance or activity consisting of a desire to experience the euphoric (or other) effects, as well as the desire to avoid withdrawal. Craving is normal in recovery (it doesn’t mean a person did something wrong or their program isn’t strong or working correctly) Craving starts in the… Read more »

What To Do About Cravings

1. Understand your cravings (what have you paired with using?) 2. Avoid craving triggers (especially in early recovery) 3. Play the tape through (If I use, this will happen, then this will happen, then this will happen…) 4. Use grounding/mindfulness skills (i.e. 5 senses check, mindful breathing, etc.) 5. Say a prayer 6. Tell yourself,… Read more »

Nick Anderson, LPC, LADC, Joins Club Recovery

  Club Recovery is thrilled to welcome Nick Anderson to the Club Recovery team. Nick Anderson is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC). Nick serves as Club Recovery’s outreach director and group counselor for one of our evening intensive outpatient groups. He also conducts chemical health assessments to help… Read more »

Opiate Addiction: An American Epidemic

There’s a growing drug addiction problem in America that’s getting worse each day. Tragically, opiate addiction has taken the lives of more Americans than those who died from the Vietnam War. Here in Minnesota, opiate-linked deaths in two of our state’s largest counties have increased significantly during the last ten years, according to a fairly… Read more »