What to expect from a chemical health evaluation

The first step to determine whether or which treatment is right for you is a chemical health evaluation by a qualified, licensed alcohol and drug addiction counselor (LADC).  This evaluation may also be called a chemical health assessment or chemical dependency assessment.  The purpose of the chemical health evaluation is to determine the level of risk you face due to alcohol and drug abuse.

If you have been encouraged to obtain a chemical health evaluation, or if you want to know what treatment options are best fit for you, it is important to find a qualified treatment center that can provide a complete assessment on a timely basis.  We strive to schedule chemical health evaluations promptly as possible, often within a few days of you contacting our clinic.

Components of the chemical dependency evaluation

Background information – As a first step you will be asked to complete a written record of your personal information, including a medical and sociographic history. This information is designed to enable the counselor who will perform the chemical health assessment to quickly focus in on understanding your needs.  It takes about one hour for you to complete the documentation.  Nothing you reveal to the treatment center regarding your alcohol and drug use can be provided to any other individual without your consent.

Interview with alcohol and drug addiction counselor – The second step is an in-person meeting with a counselor that is usually done immediately after you complete the background information.  This meeting also takes about one hour.  There are two goals for this discussion.  First, the counselor will use the opportunity to conduct a thorough evaluation of your risk profile.  The questions the counselor asks enable him or her to measure your exposure to six different ways addictive influences and behaviors can negatively affect you.  This is known professionally as the six risk dimensions  Second, the interview is a chance for you to openly share your concerns and your desires, questions you have about how to gain control over chemical dependency and what treatment options exist.

Based upon your individual risk score Minnesota regulations may recommend no treatment, outpatient treatment, or if the immediate risk is determined to be especially high, inpatient care.

  • Nothing you reveal in these meetings regarding your alcohol and drug use can be held against you in court or any legal proceeding.
  • Nothing you reveal regarding your alcohol and drug use can be provided to any other individual without your consent.
  • There is no obligation as a result of the chemical dependency evaluation to follow the treatment recommendation.

Follow-up – Our process at Club Recovery is that your written chemical health evaluation is then drafted, reviewed by our Clinical Director and finalized.  Our staff will send you a letter with any recommendations. At your request, we can also send full copies of your evaluation to other people, with your written permission.

If you choose to follow an assessment recommendation for Club Recovery’s treatment program, our staff will help you get started.  We will coordinate with your insurance company to obtain authorization, if required. We will also review your health insurance and payment options to provide you a clear understanding of your possible program costs.  Completing insurance paperwork, obtaining insurance permissions, and reviewing your payment options may take up to seven days.  Once we obtain the necessary information and insurance authorization, our insurance coordinator will call you and schedule an orientation appointment.  The orientation will provide deeper understanding of our addiction treatment program, an opportunity to discuss costs of the program, and a review of your rights related to treatment.  Generally, the first services you experience as you start treatment here include an individual session with your counselor to discuss your goals and an introduction to a treatment group.

If you will be seeking services with another treatment program following a chemical dependency evaluation, Club Recovery will obtain your written permission to complete a referral on your behalf.  With written permission, we send your evaluation to the other provider. You should contact that addiction treatment center directly for information about getting started in their program.  We will also send the referral to your insurance company to authorize treatment with the other clinic, if needed.  For recommendations such as education and psychotherapy, we will provide you with several options to call.  If you decide to pursue those services outside of Club Recovery, privacy laws mandate that you will need to contact the organization yourself to schedule.  If you need your evaluation sent out, contact us about signing written permission and we will send the records.

If you feel you might benefit from a chemical health evaluation conducted by one of our licensed professionals, please call (952) 926-2526 or send an e-mail with your contact information to info@clubrecoveryllc.com.  The cost of chemical health evaluations are often covered by health insurance or public assistance (R25).