Why Choose Club Recovery, LLC?

Minnesota offers many good choices for addition treatment.  It is very likely that you can find a treatment center in the State that is well suited for you or your loved one.

Club Recovery is a preferred option for many.  Here are some of the reasons people tell us motivated them to come to Club Recovery and stick with the program to a successful conclusion

  • The Club Recovery staff – Club Recovery employs a team of experienced, qualified counselors and administrators. We are a small operation with a warm and welcoming spirit.  We are dedicated to your recovery and we understand both the circumstances that an lead to alcohol and drug abuse as well as how to overcome those challenges
  • Seeking Treatment Process: The first step to determine whether substance abuse treatment is right for you is to complete a chemical health assessment by a qualified, licensed alcohol and drug addiction counselor (LADC). We offer assessments and can serve as your starting point if you have been encouraged to obtain a chemical health assessment, or if you want to know what treatment options are the best fit for you.
  • Responsiveness to get you quickly onto your best path to recovery – Many clients are initially referred for a chemical health assessment. We offer chemical health assessment appointments during the day and evening Monday – Friday as well as day appointments on Saturdays. We strive to schedule assessments promptly. Our assessors will conduct a thorough, professional evaluation of your environment and risks.  Based on diagnostic criteria and State health regulations, we are then able to recommend and direct you to an appropriate treatment course, whether it is at our facilities or another practice that better serves your individual needs.  We are also able to advise you of options for funding your treatment including insurance and public assistance.
  • Location – Our treatment center is easy to reach and well served by public transportation. This is important since outpatient treatment will require multiple trips.  In addition, our offices are situated in a professional yet comfortable office building, which offers a safe and secure environment for therapy.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – Our treatment programs utilize cognitive behavioral therapy practices and principles. Some individual prefer or have found success with CBT either as an alternative to or to supplement 12 Step methods.  While 12 Step also has its adherents, some individuals are more comfortable with the philosophy of CBT.  If you would like more perspective on how the approaches compare, please contact us.
  • Outpatient Therapy – Outpatient therapy is the only treatment modality we provide. Other treatment centers may include and even put more emphasis on inpatient treatment. We are exclusively focused and expert in counseling (as opposed to drug treatment) for clients for whom intensive outpatient therapy is appropriate.

To learn more about Club Recovery and the reasons why so many Minneapolis St Paul area residents have come to us for us for addiction treatment, please call us today at (952) 926-2526 or e-mail us at info@clubrecoveryllc.com.