Continuing Care: supportive step-down therapy for addiction treatment and rehab

Individuals with Successful Intensive Treatment Benefit from Continuing Care

Studies demonstrate individuals who successfully complete an intensive alcohol or drug addiction treatment program benefit from a period of less intensive, continuing care therapy, also known as aftercare.  Club Recovery’s Continuing Care Program offers therapy services to our clients that reinforce and expand on the positive behaviors, skills and techniques learned in their primary treatment program.  As an individual transitions from treatment to long-term sobriety, this group helps them incorporate their new behaviors and understandings into a new way of life.  Club Recovery’s professionally led Continuing Care group incorporates counseling services with a peer group structure, providing our clients with ongoing support and accountability after primary treatment.

The Continuing Care Program at Club Recovery

Continuing Care is less intense than our primary programming.  Clients attend group 2 hours a week. Club Recovery provides Continuing Care either in a group setting or on an individual basis.

Counselors create an individualized plan for each continuing care client.   This treatment plan includes goals created by the client in conjunction with the advice of his or her counselor.  The treatment plan identifies areas of continuing focus for the client.  The plan also identifies coping strategies for the client to enhance, reinforce or develop.  Ultimately, our client’s treatment plan supports the client in their transformation to sobriety and as they avoid triggers and urges that can lead the individual towards relapse.

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  • If you have completed a primary inpatient program.
  • If you have completed intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment with another provider.
  • If you have completed our intensive outpatient program.
  • If you have completed our relapse prevention program.

As a leading Minneapolis-area addiction treatment center, Club Recovery provides value, insight, and information to help you or your loved one break free of addiction.  Our cognitive behavioral-based process enables our clients to get their old selves back and move their lives in a new direction.  We welcome family or significant others to be involved in your continuing care plan if you so choose.

Club Recovery is conveniently located across from the Southdale Shopping Center, near the border of Edina and Richfield.  Our facility is served by public bus lines and is easily reachable by major roadways from locations throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington area.

Our address is 6550 York Avenue South, Suite 620, Edina, MN  55435.