Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is identified as a disease, because it is chronic, progressive and treatable.

Drug addiction is chronic, progressive and treatable.  You are not alone.  We can help if you are looking for drug treatment and rehab.

Drug abuse can take many forms ranging from use of illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines to dependency on prescription drugs including opiates (narcotics, pain killers such as OXYCONTIN®) mood altering drugs (barbiturates, anxiety medication such as VALIUM®) or sleep aids such as AMBIEN®.

Ending a drug addiction is usually very challenging physically and mentally, and requires a prolonged period of commitment to your recovery process.  Club Recovery is not a detox center, but we can assist individuals undergoing withdrawal or following withdrawal with a program of drug rehab and recovery.  It is not enough to simply stop using drugs. You need to stop the cycle that promotes drug use and drug abuse.

  • The purpose of our drug addiction treatment and rehab is to examine the beliefs and behaviors that lead to drug use, so you can control these patterns and recreate the life you want.

Drug addiction treatment to regain control of your life

Today there is a solution for breaking a drug habit.

Let us help you get to the root of the issue and move your life in a new, positive direction.

In our drug addiction treatment center at Club Recovery our trained counselors have helped thousands of residents of the Minneapolis St Paul area to fight their drug addictions.  Chemical dependency is treated at our facility through a combination of individual counseling and supportive group therapy on an intensive outpatient basis. Our drug treatment center provides many options including therapy sessions during non-working hours (evenings and Saturdays) to minimize disruption in your life.

All you need is the desire to change.  As you start drug addiction treatment, Club Recovery’s respectful staff will be mindful of what is important to you.  We welcome family or significant others to be involved in your treatment and recovery if you so choose.  Club Recovery provides professional treatment with a focus on a positive lifestyle.

Contact Club Recovery for your assessment today

Call (952) 926-2526 to learn more or to schedule a professional assessment for your drug addiction or alcoholism problem.  We will help you explore the underlying issues of your drug use and the changes you want to make to end the drug dependency.  As a leading Minneapolis-area drug abuse treatment center, we will provide information, insight and value to help you begin your journey to recovery.

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