DWI Classes: Drivers Education Program

For individuals who have committed substance abuse related driving offenses but do not require intensive addiction treatment

Club Recovery offers Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Drivers Education, Level I (6 credit hours) and Level II (total 12 credit hours).   The DWI classes at Club Recovery may benefit individuals who have committed substance abuse-related driving infractions, but do not require intensive addiction treatment services.  DWI classes may be recommended for individuals who:

  • Are involved in a first driving offence involving drinking or drugs
  • Report abusing alcohol or drugs and have a driving-related offence on their record

A valid assessment with a recommendation or referral from a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor is required to participate in our DWI Drivers Education course. If you are not referred to these classes by Club Recovery’s clinical staff, then you are responsible for determining if this course meets your needs.  At the time of enrollment, Club Recovery will ask clients referred by other programs to provide a copy of their completed chemical health assessment with a recommendation for DWI Drivers Education.

DWI Drivers Education Classes are available on the following schedule:

  • Level I is offered on the 2nd Saturday each month – 9:15am to 4:00pm
  • Level II is offered on 3rd Saturday each month – 9:30am to 4:00pm

Please note that completion of Level I is a pre-requisite for enrollment in Level II Education.

Course description

Club Recovery DWI Drivers Education – Level I course (6 credit hours) covers the following topics:

  1. How alcohol and other drugs affect safe driving skills
  2. The consequences of impaired driving
  3. Minnesota DWI Law

Club Recovery DWI Drivers Education – Level II course (12 credit hours) includes the topics addressed in Level I course and, additionally, the course will address the following topics in more depth:

  1. The effects of alcohol on the human body
  2. The nature of alcoholism; the development of the disease

Easy to reach location, public transportation

All DWI classes are held at Club Recovery, 6550 York Avenue South, Suite 620 in Edina, MN.  Our offices are easy to reach from throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington area, just off Highway 62 (across from Southdale Shopping Center) and convenient to bus lines.

Each session will have a half hour lunch break.  Attendees should bring their own lunches or plan to visit any of the restaurants within walking distance the area.

All instructors for this course are Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors.  Our treatment facility is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Club Recovery, LLC. can accept payment by the following methods:  Cash, Visa/MasterCard and personal check.

  • The fee for DWI Drivers Education Level I session is $95 (prepaid) or $105 (at the door).
  • The fee for DWI Drivers Education Level I and Level II sessions is $190 (prepaid) or $210 (at the door).

Please note, DWI drivers education courses are an educational service, not a medical service; as a result, health insurance is not accepted for these programs.