Meet Our Team

Craig Johnson, LADC

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
MN Certified Gambling Treatment Provider

As a licensed addictions counselor and mental health practitioner with Club Recovery I understand very well and see myself in the people I serve. I have come to develop my perspective on treatment from my own journey in recovery and by pursuing both undergraduate and graduate degrees focusing on addiction and psychology. I completed the Addiction Studies Program at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, and earned my Master’s Degree at St. Mary’s University in Counseling and Psychology. I have participated in various studies and continuing education programs to enhance my clinical capabilities and believe I have developed an effective and eclectic approach to the treatment of addiction.

My goal with all of my clients is to provide an opportunity for them to learn about the disease of addiction, to develop a comprehensive treatment plan centered on specific skills they will need to be successful in recovery, and to learn new thinking and coping skills to live a meaningful productive life. I strive to empower clients to take responsibility for their own lives by imparting to them the skills to identify self-defeating behaviors and examine patterns of thinking, feeling and responding.

The first step in this process is to acknowledge that one’s repeated attempts to end the cycle of addiction require more than just willpower. Recovery is a process of learning how to live differently. I’m ready to be with you in this processes leading to a happier life.

Craig is the primary assessor at Club Recovery, interviewing individuals to determine what form of therapy is best suited based on that person’s needs and risks, whether at our facility or elsewhere. Craig also runs our gambling program Monday and Thursday evenings.