Meet Our Team

Sarah Atkins, PhD, LP

Licensed Psychologist

I believe each of us has unique strengths and experiences that allow us to navigate life’s challenges. However, sometimes, we find ourselves struggling, and no matter how hard we try; our usual ways of coping do not work, and we cannot seem to find a way out on our own. As a psychologist, I recognize that it can be very difficult to seek help. I believe that a collaborative, trusting, and empathic therapeutic relationship serves as the foundation for clients to experience meaningful growth and change.

My therapeutic approach is grounded in psychodynamic theory and incorporates aspects of family systems, developmental, emotion-focused, and cognitive behavioral theories. I collaborate with my clients to explore their concerns and develop a shared understanding of the changes they want to make in their lives. I believe that examining client’s past relational experiences, patterns, and ways of coping is essential to understanding the causes of current struggles, expanding self-understanding, and creating helpful changes in the present. Throughout the therapy process, I strive to help clients recognize and utilize their strengths, as they take steps toward their goals.

Mental health concerns often contribute to difficulty recovering from substance use disorders. As a psychologist at Club Recovery, I provide individual therapy for clients with mental health concerns, and collaborate closely with Club Recovery’s group counselors to provide client’s holistic care. I specialize in providing individual therapy to clients recovering from trauma (e.g., childhood abuse or neglect, sexual assault, relationship violence); facing issues in their family of origin or other relationships; experiencing difficulty coping with life transitions (e.g., career, parenting, divorce); or suffering from anxiety or depression. I also have training in conducting couples and family therapy. In addition to providing therapy services at Club Recovery, I coordinate outcomes research and outreach within the community. These roles allow me the opportunity to connect the ideas and practices of Club Recovery, to the efforts of other groups and organizations within the Twin Cities.

I earned a Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Child and Family Therapy from the University of North Texas. I have had the opportunity to work with diverse clients in a variety of settings including, community mental health, hospital, college counseling, and private practice. These experiences have fostered a deep respect and appreciation for helping facilitate the growth and change process of others. I invite you to give me a call to discuss your unique situation and to consider together what you may need.