Funding for your alcohol and drug treatment program

The cost of all treatment programs at Club Recovery compares favorably with other treatment alternatives.

Club Recovery tailors our chemical addiction treatment programming to meet the individual’s needs and goals. The cost of your chemical health treatment depends on the type of program and services that you choose and on the level of care you may need. The cost of all our programs of treatment compares favorably with other treatment alternatives.

Health Insurance for Substance Abuse and Dependence Treatment

Club Recovery’s chemical addiction treatment services may be covered by your insurance. Club Recovery is able to offer in-network benefits for most major plans including:

  • Medica
  • United Behavioral Health (UBH)
  • BlueCross and BlueShield (BCBS)
  • Health Partners
  • United HealthCare
  • PreferredOne, Ucare
  • SelectCare
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Hennepin Health (MHP)
  • LaborCare

We also work with clients who have health insurance with out-of-network benefits.

If you would like more specific details about the costs of our program under your plan, please contact our office.  Club Recovery’s experienced team is available to help you understand how your health insurance benefits will apply to our services.


Club Recovery offers self-payment options for all our services. Generally, we ask client to complete self-payments on the day they receive a service. If you are concerned about paying for treatment services, please call our offices and our staff can discuss payment plan options and self-payment discounts.

Financial Assistance and Public Funding (Rule 25)

The Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund (CCDTF) is available to provide for people who are unable to pay for their drug and alcohol addiction treatment.  Rule 25 refers to eligibility for public assistance to cover the cost of treatment.

Club Recovery is able to provide Rule 25 Chemical Use Assessments by appointment to qualified residents of Hennepin County. A Rule 25 Chemical Use Assessment is an assessment tool for clients who need public funding assistance to access chemical health treatment. Our appointment staff is available to answer your questions about the Rule 25 process, to discuss your eligibility and schedule an appointment to complete an assessment with our counselors.

Club Recovery is also contracted to work with the Minnesota Health Care Programs (sometimes called MinnesotaCare).

Regardless of the type of payment method you choose, Club Recovery’s staff is available to help you understand the costs of your treatment program and the options available for assistance or payment plans. Please contact our office by phone, if you need additional details.

Getting Started

The addiction rehab and recovery treatment program at Club Recovery begins with an individual’s assessment conducted by a sympathetic, experienced, licensed drug and alcohol counselor.  If intensive outpatient treatment is determined to be appropriate for the client, he or she may enroll in a treatment group. Alternatively the client may be referred to other appropriate chemical dependence or mental health services.

The Club Recovery treatment program is largely based on group therapy, which provides clients a supportive peer group to assist in the journey to recovery. The group dynamic helps clients to gain broader perspective from people who understand and assists the individual in developing skills in interpersonal interaction. Treatment services also include individualized treatment planning sessions in which clients establish treatment goals with their counselors.  In individualized sessions the counselor may also meet together with the client and family members or partners in order to delve into and address specific issues.  Following successful completion of the intensive treatment program Club Recovery offers options for continuing care and aftercare.

Call us today or schedule an appointment to learn more about the program that may be right for you.