Relapse Prevention for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Relapse Prevention offers new tools of understanding alcohol and drug addiction if previous treatment elsewhere has not succeeded

Our unique, interactive 12-week Relapse Prevention Program helps clients keep their recovery on track.  Clients explore tools necessary to maintain a successful recovery: coping skills, identifying high risk situations, creating a balanced lifestyle, holistic health, addressing relapse warning signs and long term planning for a successful recovery.

The Relapse Prevention Program utilizes the personalized approach of Club Recovery intensive outpatient addiction treatment.  It can effectively supplement previous therapy.  Relapse Prevention is for people who have previously completed treatment at Club Recovery or somewhere else and then experienced relapse issues.

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A leading Minnesota alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, Club Recovery provides value, insight, and information to help you or your loved one break free of addiction.  Our cognitive behavioral-based process enables our clients to get their old selves back and move their lives in a new direction.  We welcome involvement of family or significant others in your relapse prevention plan if you so choose.

Club Recovery is conveniently located across from the Southdale Shopping Center, near the border of Edina and Richfield.  Our facility is served by public bus lines and is easily reachable by major roadways from locations throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington area.

Our address is 6550 York Avenue South, Suite 620, Edina, MN  55435.