Self Screening Tools

Many individuals go without treatment for both substance use and mental health disorders. This may occur due to individuals going undiagnosed, but earlier care may be provided with prompt identification of substance use and mental health disorders. Below are some tools that you may explore for yourself or a loved one struggling with a chemical health issue. These screening tools may assist you in determining the need for a chemical health assessment at Club Recovery.

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Screening Tools:

CAGE is a commonly used, 5- question tool used to screen for drug and alcohol use. The CAGE Assessment is a quick questionnaire to help determine if an alcohol assessment is needed. CLICK HERE

AUDIT-C is a simple 3-question screen for hazardous or harmful
drinking. CLICK HERE

AUDIT is a 10-item questionnaire that screens for hazardous or harmful
alcohol consumption. CLICK HERE

DAST-10 is a 10-item, yes/no self-report instrument that was designed to provide a brief instrument for clinical screening and treatment evaluation. CLICK HERE

Online Drug Screening is a service of Join Together, a project of the Boston University School of Public Health. CLICK HERE

To explore other screening tools, including tools for mental health disorders CLICK HERE to visit the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS). This resource promotes the development of services to better address the needs of individuals with mental health and substance use disorders.