“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy empowered me.  I gained an education on the physical aspects of addiction and how my family history of alcohol could have brought this on.  I went from thinking I could never stop relapsing to using the techniques we learned to maintain sobriety.

I’m free. That’s the best way to describe it.  I now have a positive outlook and I’m excited about my future.” – FD


“I’ve never felt so open and comfortable in a group.  They accepted me like I had known them for years and I always had the utmost comfort sharing feelings, memories and experiences with the group and counselor.  This program rocks and I would recommend it to anyone dealing with addiction.” – RP


“You have to find a recovery program that fits you.  I’ve been in other treatment programs. At some they just give you a workbook.  They tell everyone the same thing.  I didn’t want anyone to tell me what I had to do.

When I started at Club Recovery I saw how they run the group and my feelings changed 180 degrees.  At Club Recovery they build your program around your life.  My recovery program is for me.  It is customized to me.

I graduated and now I am doing aftercare.  I like coming back because this is where it started for me.  If I have to miss a group I really “miss” it.” – RA


“Club Recovery was the right place at the right time with the right people.  I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t been for Club Recovery.” — JL


“I liked the non-judgmental nature of the sessions. I found myself enjoying the sessions. The tools helped me in other areas of my life as well.”  — ME


“I thank everyone in my group for listening, but most of all I thank them for not judging me while I felt weak.  I will take with me all the stories and the encouragement as I go on my new path.” — RJ


“This program is the best thing that ever happened to my husband.  He says if he had found this program before, he wouldn’t have had all the problems he had.” — EZ


“I didn’t feel judged and I felt like staff were very open and professional in their approach. The program made me excited about recovery and being a new me! They also did a great job keeping the groups lively!” — CJ